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    Air Transportation

    SAP GLOBAL LOGISTICS provides comprehensive airfreight forwarding services, and specializes in air transportation to and from India:


    Any size, any shape, any weight, to and from anywhere in the world

    Wide range of flexible, time definite services

    Multimodal capabilities, complete customs brokerage

    Solutions tailor SAP GLOBAL LOGISTICS to meet individual needs of customers

    Airfreight Packaging

    Air Gateway Solutions

    Ocean Transportation

    Sea freight is a core offering within SAP GLOBAL LOGISTICS's comprehensive range of services and can be offer SAP GLOBAL LOGISTICS on a stand-alone basis or as part of a managed supply chain solution.

    The clearly defined and established services provided with in the product portfolio are tailor made by SAP GLOBAL LOGISTICS to meet the specific needs of each customer, from multi-route, multimodal customers with complex requirements, to customers with one-off shipments requiring route expertise only. SAP GLOBAL LOGISTICS utilizes its WCA network (with agents based at various countries), its expertise and buying power, to deliver robust and economic services to all customers, irrespective of their size or scope.

    SAP GLOBAL LOGISTICS is strongly positioned to manage all of our customers' sea freight requirements with experienced freight personnel handling product flow from start to finish. Costs are controlled by leveraging the annual buying power.

    Service excellence is a habit at SAP GLOBAL LOGISTICS by utilizing a number of preferred Carriers whose service is mainly used to SAP GLOBAL LOGISTICS on a regular basis. With this spirit of partnership, we are able to constantly improve our joint product to the benefit of all customers.

    Road Transportation

    SAP GLOBAL LOGISTICS provides Road freight services in conjunction with other Logistics services. The expertise and critical mass acquitted through this enables us to provide a range of dedicated and multi-user transport solutions designed to offer flexibility, cost effectiveness and high service levels.

    Stand-alone Road Transportation service is catered by BLR Logistiks India Ltd an associate company of SAP Global Logistics.

    Road Transportation Services are offered by SAP GLOBAL LOGISTICS in various regions, but most prominently in Western India and on Delhi – Mumbai route. By using subcontracted vehicles we can satisfy the most stringent customer requirements and offer a maximum of flexibility and diversity. SAP GLOBAL LOGISTICS has strategic partnerships and relationships with Integrators such as many domestic transportation companies.

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